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Coaching émotionnel - inner Completion

Sabine El Hassan
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I am Sabine, I am ultra sensitive and Clairvoyant.   


I help you to have:

♡ all your cells emotionally pure without body memories !

♡ all your cells physically pure 

To arrive to a complete transparency in you:

♡ feeling your essence 

♡ seeing the beauty of your essence
♡ releasing all body memories
♡ feel all your soul lessons and soul tasks

♡ got naturally your power back from people, places and situations   

♡ developing a life you absolutely love and that is you in the 5D ♡ 

♡ develop your Clairs  
♡ be your Source of inner guidance 
♡ plus I offer online Soul Consciousness Readings

♡ all that lead us to our completion (ascension)


A body pure and transparent with nature, for your lightbody:

♡ 90min online iridology & phytotherapy
♡ the petals of caresses that plants and flowers are for our cells
♡ nature and the elements
♡ feel well in each cell of our body and be naturally beautiful

♡ looking at all the discomforts you may have 

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N° SIRET : 87944045100018

Forme juridique : Autoentreprise

Assurance: Starstone Insurance SE


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Diplômes et formations

Gifted Expert with Jessica Reid, Clairvoyant & Channel in London

Awarded a diploma Grade A S.N.H.S. Dip. (Iridology) in London  

Awarded a diploma Grade A with distinction S.N.H.S. Dip. Phytotherapy in London 

The International College of Holistic Medicine

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