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Sabine El Hassan
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I help Highly Sensitive Women to become Leading women through release of traumas and body memories, as well have their body completely pure with phytotherapy.  And so much more.

A leading woman is a woman who has taken her chance to lead a life she absolutely LOVES because it is her truth and have on a physical level have all her systems and cells in her body pure.

So you feel so well in you and you feel emotionally untouchable and unstoppable to lead to the life you LOVE.

If you are a Highly Sensitive Woman, and you would love: 

To be a Leading woman, drawing a life you LOVE and that is YOU, having your cells light and transparent by releasing all traumas  and body memories in all your cells.

-Soul Consciousness Readings

-Reprogramming your subconscious and traumas work

To feel so well in you and be so beautiful naturally, having all your cells and organs transparent and pure with plants, flowers and microbiome cares. 



-microbiome cares

I offer:

a 6 week intensive 

a 10 week mentorship 

for Highly Sensitive Women . 

You can book one session or the whole package as described below. 

If you wish to learn about my story as a highly sensitive woman and how I become a leading woman,  go to my website on "about me" page or listen to the Spirit Girls podcast, link in my bio.



Quelle est votre approche ?

For example in my 10 week mentorship:

On becoming a leading woman:

-Full 90min Soul Consciousness Reading 

-6 hours dedicated to reprogram your subconscious mind and business coaching

-Uncovering your limitations (whether it be past life, inner child, traumatic experience, conditioned belief, lack of self-love etc.) so that you can step into your true nature, as a leading woman for your life  

-step into a new lineage and upgrade your DNA  

-acknowledging and utilising your unique gifts  

-formulation of your life purpose statement, alignment, and definition of the bold steps to take, these may be personal or steps for moving forward in your actual career or new career  

-reframing your money story: knowing your immeasurable value and easily charge the value of what you offer.       

On having your cells and organs back transparent, feeling so well and be ultra beautiful naturally: 

-90min online iridology consultation  

-90min online phytotherapy consultation  

-looking at ALL the discomforts you may have (for example: IBS, Crohn disease, indigestion…)  

-your tailored recommendations on plants and flowers.

-purest beauty line 

 -microbiome cares    

-a 90min follow up Consultation 6 months later on the following steps to take   

Pour quels problèmes, gênes ou troubles êtes-vous consulté ?

to heal from all discomforts (eczema, digestion...) that she may have so she can have all her organs, systems and all her cells completely pure and feel so well in each of the cells of her body. 

to release traumas and body memories on a cellular level in my subconscious reprogramming sessions

to become a Leading woman becoming the CEO of your personal life and professional life

to lead a life she LOVES

Quels bénéfices pour vos patients ?

releasing traumas and body memories, redefining your biology with intent

to feel so well in each of their cells, organs pure and become so beautiful naturally with plants, flowers and microbiome cares. 

So you feel so well in you and you feel emotionally untouchable and unstoppable to lead to the life you LOVE.

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Diplômes et formations

Gifted Expert with Jessica Reid, Clairvoyant & Channel in London

Awarded a diploma Grade A S.N.H.S. Dip. (Iridology) in London  

Awarded a diploma Grade A with distinction S.N.H.S. Dip. Phytotherapy in London 

Soulciété Ambassador on Reprogramming your subconscious mind with Dr. Erin Fall Haskell International INC.

The International College of Holistic Medicine

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